Types of marketing strategies…Choose one for your project

Types of marketing strategies...Choose one for your project

There are many types of marketing strategies, and marketing focuses on aspects of planning to bring products to market, rather than actually executing to sell them, such as setting a selling price for example, not only helps you cover your costs but also helps you target a specific type of consumer.

Marketing is a process, not an event. It involves planning marketing goals and implementing marketing strategies to achieve them.

Types of marketing strategies are the process that allows the organization to focus on the available resources and utilize them in the best possible way to boost sales and gain influence over competitors.
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Types of marketing strategies
More than just an advertisement

Advertising is one of the methods of marketing, but marketing cannot be limited to one word, which is advertising because this is true.

Marketing is more than just an advertisement, so we are in this regard in order to mention that marketing is plans and strategies that go beyond the idea of a single advertisement, so you should focus on the appropriate Types of marketing strategies for you, and achieve the greatest results from that strategy.
Types of marketing strategies

There are four criteria that must be taken care of when developing Types of marketing strategies
This is called the marketing mix:
  • Product Strategies
  • Pricing Strategies
  • distribution strategies
  • promotion strategy

Another aspect of the marketing strategy is the marketing mix, which can be divided into product, pricing, place, and promotion!

Putting all this information together, you should create your marketing plan, deciding how to plan specifically to achieve short-term marketing goals (increasing sales, reaching existing customers, etc.) )

Types of marketing strategiesLet us tell you what marketing strategies to choose from!

Before entering into the details of the marketing strategy, you must know that you have to make offers, discounts, and things that are unique to your goods from anyone else, which is basically what makes you look for a marketing strategy, which is to increase sales and publicize your brand.

  • digital marketing strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • direct marketing strategy
  • Competitive Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing strategy for business positioning
First, the digital marketing strategy:

This strategy depends on the use of all e-marketing tools, whether with advertisements, or access to social media platforms.

And make a change in your platform or project by accessing the world of e-marketing.

There is more than one strategy, including the funded and the free one, whether it is content or services that are provided on social media platforms.

The three most popular strategies can be used in this type of marketing:


  • Postal Correspondence
  • Social networks
  • Search engines and their marketing process
Types of marketing strategies
Second, content marketing:

It is part of the previous strategy, which is content marketing, that is, the use of content in marketing for your brand, by publishing some topics on the brand’s website, or by publishing some content on social media, whether in posts or some publications, and financing those contents, whether With information and benefit people or through the use of content to promote the product, and disseminate information about the product and the way it is used, it is a good way to communicate with customers of the product to maintain constant communication with them.

Types of marketing strategies
Third, direct marketing:
It is direct communication with the customer so that there is no separation or distance between the customer and the company. Communication is direct and that is why it is called direct marketing!

Types of marketing strategiesFourth, competitive marketing:

This type of marketing focuses on the competitive advantage that is unique to the product over any other product that is offered to meet the same needs of the customer!

As mentioned above, a competitive marketing strategy is a long-term business plan for companies in order to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors in the industry.

This strategy focuses on achieving an above-average position and higher return on investment (ROI). This strategy is very important when companies have a competitive market and many similar products available to consumers.

Types of marketing strategiesfifth Marketing for Business Positioning:

This means the attributes that we want to have as a company or a brand in the mind of the consumer.

This can be determined by:

Benefit: This strategy depends on locating the product to achieve the benefit it provides

Quality/Price: Offering the highest quality at competitive prices

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